Terms and Conditions

Indigenous Tours Australia (Ita) is an affiliate partner of Indigenous Tour agency Pty Limited. The information in this site is provided as a guide only, all tour operators listed have paid membership fees to be showcased.  Upon booking, please read product Terms and Conditions.
Customer Booking Payments
  • Credit card (2.9% surcharge applies)
  • Via credit card or direct EFT to Indigenous Tour Agency nominated bank account
  • PayPal to username Indigenous Tour Agency Pty Ltd
  • Customer receives instant payment confirmation
  • 10% GST applies to all orders
If applicable, customer will receive refund and email if cancellation applies.
Customer Tour Waivers
  • Adult – Review tour booking conditions
  • Minor  – Where applicable, to be completed by parent or guardian
  •  Multiple minors – Individual waivers required for each minor
  •  Minor waiver expires at 18years
Last Minute Cancellation Policy
Set-time Bookings and Vouchers – On Day of Tour
  • Can be made at any time before the tour starts. The Agent, Customer or Tour Provider can make this cancellation.
  • Supplier use this policy if  need to cancel last minute due to varying circumstances such as, bad weather
Best rates guarantee
The Supplier warrants that, other than the Negotiated Rates, the Marketplace Rates are the best and lowest rates offered by the Supplier to any distributor of the Services and it cannot and must not provide the Services at a price lower than the Marketplace Rates. The Supplier undertakes to immediately notify Ita of any discounted rates for the Services offered through another distribution channel and those lower rates are hereby immediately offered to Ita and form the Marketplace Rates.
Set-time booking cancellation
If a Service is booked to be provided to a Customer on a specific date and time, the Supplier must use the Ita Supplier Account to, at its discretion, elect to allow cancellation of the Service either:
(a) 30 days before the specific date and time;
(b) 7 days before the specific date and time; or
(c) 1 day before the specific date and time,
(referred to as the Permitted Cancellation Period).
Set-time booking refunds
If a Service is cancelled within the Permitted Cancellation Period, the Supplier must refund the full amount of the Rates and the Services Payments to the Customer within the Refund Period from the cancellation.
Notification of dispute
The Supplier must immediately notify Ita of any dispute it has with a Customer in relation to Services distributed by Ita.
Service dispute
If Ita is notified or otherwise aware of a dispute in respect of Services distributed by Ita then Ita may in its discretion direct the Supplier to refund the Customer and the Supplier must promptly conduct the refund.
Other refunds
If any rates or services payments are refunded or taken from Ita or the Supplier as refunds, charge-backs, preference payments, fraudulent payments or for any other reason , the rates otherwise payable to the Supplier for those Services are not payable.
Collection of payments
Other than Manual Payments, all Rates will be paid directly to Ita upon a booking being made with an Affiliate will collect and retain the balance of all payments for Services sold by each Affiliate.